Our Culture, Health, and Environment Lab (CHEL) is made up of a large, talented and dedicated team of faculty and students. Together we are able to push forward an array of collaborative research projects.

The CHEL lab is dedicated to research using and training students in rigorous, cutting-edge ethnographic research methods. Our PhD students become experts, and end up with great jobs because of it. Up to 30 undergraduates join the lab during semesters as research apprentices, gaining data management and analysis skills. Many more work with us in the field or in practicum courses learning about social science data collection by doing. In the summer, we are mostly off in far-flung places collecting data that we then spend the rest of the year cleaning and analyzing.

The core CHEL team includes: Alexandra BrewisAmber Wutich, Cindi SturtzSreetharan, and Alissa Ruth. We embrace collaboration, work efficiently, hold each other to the highest standards, innovate our approaches constantly, and value what everyone brings to the table.

We welcome scholars, postdocs, and students from any field to get involved in any of our ongoing projects. Contact any of us to find our how.