As the Director for ASU's Center for Global Health my research, training, and outreach efforts in global health are about understanding and supporting communities confronting global health challenges. Located in the school that has the nation’s foremost research-intensive anthropology program gives us a unique means to build the global health solutions that put people first.

I currently Co-Direct the Cultural Anthropology Methods Program which is funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and is a relaunch of the NSF's 30 year program. The program provides advanced methods training for Ph.D. students who are currently studying in the US. Together, our 40 distinguished faculty draw on cutting-edge research to update and expand the anthropology methods toolkit.

In my role as Associate Director, I lead and support projects, workshops, and research within ASU's Intitute for Social Science Research. The institute supports the development and launching of new methods courses in the social sciences by offering training to students and professionals alike.