New Book!

"Lazy, Crazy, and Disgusting: Stigma and the Undoing of Global Health" is launching in November 19, 2019. The book reveals how much of the global health work we do unwittingly create highly damaging social stigmas. Alex and I also have some ideas about how to fix it.

"This is a magnificent, highly engaging, and ethnographically informed examination of the fateful intersection of stigma and public health." Merrill Singer, University of Connecticut.

"Filled at every level with grounded examples that contradict perceived wisdom, the book is a model of critical thinking."Thomas Leatherman,  U Mass.

"The approach here is highly original and important." Peter Brown, Emory.

"Interesting, timely, and lucid", Andrea Wiley, Indiana U.

"[T]wo eminent scholars of stigma have provided a deeply engaging road map" Alexander Tsai, Harvard Medical School.

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Center for Global Health

As the Director, many of my research projects are tied into the Center. We are currently expanding collaborative projects with key partners in Ethiopia, South Korea, and Paraguay

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Global Ethnohydrology Study

Our signature team project, the Global Ethnohydrology Study works globally to understand how people understand and cope with worsening water and climate challenges. To date, thousands of ASU undergraduates have learned about research through joining us.

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Household Water Insecurity Experiences Research Network (HWISE-RCN)

I am proud to a Co-PI and executive committee member of the NSF-funded HWISE research collaborative network, funded by the National Science Foundation. The effort brings together scholars and practitioners from all around the world to better document the lived experience of water insecurity.

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